Xuan Nguyen

Portrait of
Amadeus Vu

Some of my visual inspirations
are Saitemiss and Yoshitaka
Amano, whose work emphasizes
a fantastical type of androgyny,
in the case of Saitemiss through
nostalgic 90s-anime-inspired,
though heavily modernized and
stylized, character art in limited
palettes. In the case of Yoshitaka
Amano, his Vampire Hunter D
art with D's long, majestic hair
and his slender silhouette strike
him as a fantastical, androgynous
figure from another century,
another world.

This portrait of Amadeus Vu,
who features in my MOTHLILY
PROJECT universe, which is a
multimedia endeavor encompassing
illustration, experimental poetic
prose, music, and a visual novel
in development.  

Xuan Nguyen || FEYXUAN is a fey orchestral music composer, writer-poet, and illustrator-designer. Their
recent projects have involved the solo development of aesthetic interactive fiction games exploring the
nuances not exclusive to the following: power, trauma, madness, nonbinariness, divinity, and monstrosity.
Their debut game and orchestral suite for the game, LIAR, LIONNESS, is coming out Feb 2021 on the
FEYXUAN itch and bandcamp. Their chapbooks include LUNG, CROWN, AND STAR (Dec 2020, Lazy
Adventurer) and the upcoming THE FAIRIES SING EACH TO EACH (Feb 2021, Flower Press), and their
upcoming novelization of their Feb 2021 game is LIAR, LIONNESS (March 2021, Flower Press). Someday,
they'd like to create something that makes them feel like Revolutionary Girl Utena does.

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