Piper Bangs

The Note

The inspiration for The Note
was the Rococo paintings of
Auguste Toulmouche. I was
fascinated by the artist's rich
textures and implied narratives,
and I hoped to experiment with
these in a semi-contemporary

Don't Put on Your Rose-Colored Glasses

I created this work to critique the unawareness and silence I observe within parts of America about racism against people of color. In this piece, I used the phrase “rose-colored glasses” to create a visual metaphor for not seeing these issues. Don’t Put on Your Rose-Colored Glasses is intended to be a call-to-action for this group to empathize with communities that do not share their demographic, and to take action in any form they can to limit their personal biases against people of color.  

Portrait of Sofya
Kovalevskaya in
the Grand Manner

This work is a portrait of Sofya Kovalevskaya, the
first prominent female Russian mathematician and
mathematics professor in Northern Europe, a
notable scientific writer, and a fierce advocate for
women's rights in the 19th century. I created the
piece for the Lowell Milken Center for Unsung
Heroes' ArtEffect Project, and I was inspired by
Grand Manner portraits of the eighteenth century.
In this type of portraiture, visual symbols were used
to show a sitter's admirable qualities. By painting
Kovalevskaya in the Grand Manner, I hoped to show
her as being in the canon of important historical
figures where she rightfully should be.  

Piper Bangs is an oil painter and student raised in San Antonio, Texas, and is an
undergraduate student at Laguna College of Art and Design majoring in Drawing
and Painting  with a minor in Sculpture. She recently won a Merit Award from the
National YoungArts Foundation and six National Medals from the Scholastic Art
& Writing Awards in visual art. She  has just graduated from the North East School
of the Arts and is excited to know that there is  much more for her to learn.

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