Olivia Treynor

Sun Speckled

Film negative, dried flower,
cyanotype, 2018

The series I chose to share with
you is titled the Fruits of My Youth,
a photographic exploration of
teenage girls' relationships to their
bodies and to their environment. I
believe in nature as a source of
wisdom on how to reclaim our selves
from manufactured, corporate interests
that insist on artificial beauty as a

chief feminine pursuit. My photo
series seeks to document a
relationship between individuals
and nature and to invite the
audience to see how we exist
within a collective, harmonious
body exempt from commercial
aesthetics. The photos were
printed using a cyanotype process,
in which the sun is the catalyst for
developing the film negative.

Flower Bed

Film negative, dried flower,
cyanotype, 2018

Olivia Treynor is a Barnard College student from the upper half of California.
She is a 2020 YoungArts Finalist and a Scholastic Art & Writing American
Voices medal recipient. Her work appears in Canvas Literary Journal, Quarto
Magazine, 4x4 Magazine, and elsewhere. She loves lakes but is scared of the

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